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Our Values

Democrats from across the state are united by shared values that define who we are and what we stand for. That means fighting to ensure all North Carolinians have a fair shot at a good life, regardless of their background, where they came from, their economic status, or who they love.  The Democratic Party stands for fairness and inclusiveness of all people.  Democrats fight for new jobs, better pay, good public schools, debt-free college, affordable health care.

Democracy is not a spectator sport. 

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Ways to Vote
Voting Dates & Deadlines

Voting Dates & Deadlines

October 14, 2022

Registration Deadline

The deadline to register to vote is 25 days before the upcoming election. You can still register to vote during early vote.

October 20, 2022

Early Vote Begins

Early voting schedules for November 2022 Election in your county with the One-Stop Early Voting Site Search. Location: Warren County Board of Elections 309 N. Main Street, Warrenton

November 5, 2022

Early Vote Ends

November 8, 2022

Election Day

Locate your Election Day polling place based on your address or precinct here.

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